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The prettiest of all Australia's deer species, the Chital is also a quality hunting adversary.


Chital Deer Hunting

Often the last deer to be hunted by many east coast Australians because of the Chital's patchy and isolated distribution.

Chital deer have a life cycle that is less predictable than fallow, red and rusa deer. They can have antlers at any time of the year and tend to rut twice a year in southern Australia

No trophy room is complete without one of these incredibly beautiful deer and fortunately for those that don't enjoy hunting in extreme heat, we can offer hunting in the cooler months of the year without sacrificing antler quality.

Hunter with chital deer

 Chital/Axis deer hunting

Not currently taking bookings

Axis deer stag and female
South Australian chital deer
Axis deer hunting safari
Axis deer hunting safari
monster chital deer trophy

Key Hunting Notes (multiple species can be hunted at this property)

WHEN: February to July

WHERE: We typically depart from Melbourne and head west to the hunting area.

HUNTING METHODS: Glassing from strategic positions, sit and wait/ambush, driving in 4x4 to spot and stalk, stalking through bush.

TYPICAL DAY: Wake up in the dark prior to sunrise for light breakfast, then commence hunting until mid morning. Return to have lunch break at the accommodation. Hunt evening until dark. Of course when you shoot a deer the hunt will change to deer retrieval.

REQUIREMENTS: Some low level fitness for glassing and sit and wait methods. Medium to high fitness for stalking.

Game licence and firearms licence (we will organize for international hunters)

ACCOMMODATION: Hunters house

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