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There is a reason we are called the lucky country.

It's because we can fish and hunt all year round!

Get close to more deer, more often! 

A well breed and trained pointer will become your most valuable hunting tool.

Your dog breeder, dog trainer and hunting guide Daniel Grixti is highly skilled and trained, with a PhD in environmental science, 10 years employment for the Victorian fisheries department, a university lecturer in Fisheries Management, appeared on several TV programs such as Escape with ET and 100% Pure Fishing and an expert speaker for fishing and hunting groups. 


Breeding and helping hunters train pointing dogs to find sambar deer is the main service Daniel offers and he has helped many hunters using his deer dog training program.

It's Daniel's hunting style that he is well known for, he loves to get close to deer during a hunt because the closer you get the higher the adrenaline and excitement. Getting closer to deer increases the skill level required. That is where the dogs come in. They move ahead and point where deer are before the deer know where you are.

Daniel has hunted since the age of 5, began training his first hunting dog at 8 and has hunted most Australian game. He has also been guided on hunts in Africa, New Zealand and North America, so he understands what is required to be a satisfied hunting client.

Please give Daniel a call if you would like to discuss his dog breeding, training or guided hunts

+61 0459 466 036

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