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Sambar Deer Locations

For those up to the challenge we will guide you to Sambar deer on our many location including the largest privately owned ranch in southern Australia which is more than 65,000 acres.

Depending on client preference, accommodation is at our lodge, bush huts, camper trailers or bush camps.

Depending on the time of year and hunter fitness, sambar hunts can take place from river flats just a few hundred feet above sea level, to the alpine tops more than 5000 feet high.

The Victorian alps is an extensive mountain range that is covered in eucalyptus forest. There are Sambar stags in good numbers in all our hunting areas and success percentages are very high on 4 plus day hunts.

Victorian alpine deer hunting
sa bush
Trophy deer hunting property Australia
Outback adventures accomadation
Sambar deer hunting river valley
Trophy red deer hunting Australia
Chital / Axis stag hunting Australia
Trophy Deer Locations

We take clients to the largest private game ranch in southern Australia (over 140,000 acres) with thousands of self populating deer (Red, Fallow, Axis/Chital, Sambar, Rusa) and world class trophies. 

This property is so big that we quite simply never get to hunt it all in a single  hunting trip. The property has everything we need to hunt in comfort, while still being right in the heart of amazing deer country.

Hunting methods usually involve driving, followed by spot and stalk when a trophy is found. Stalking and bowhunting is also very possible for those willing and able.

Smaller game ranches are also available with guaranteed world class top SCI trophies available.

One of our sambar lodge
Coastal Fishing 

Situated at the end of the iconic Great Ocean road on the backs of the Hopkins River, our house overlooks the seaside town of Warrnambool, Victoria.

From Warrnambool we can fish offshore for trophy tuna, Kingfish, snapper and mako shark. We can also target mulloway, black bream and estuary perch along the estuaries.

Trophy Trout and salmonid lakes are within one hour drive rounding out the amazing offering from our fishing base. 

Inland Fishing 

We either base ourselves in the foothills of the the Victorian alps in the town of Benalla, or we use temporary accommodation or campsites along the chosen waterway.

While most clients opt to target Murray Cod and Golden Perch on the Murray River and Lake Mulwala, there are several lakes to chase these species within 1 hour and a number of gorgeous streams to target trout.

Warrnambool fishing guide
Outback adventures meal venue
Murray Cod River fishing guide
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