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DeerPoint Dog Training Program

The goal of the DeerPoint training program is to create an invisible string between you and your dog.

Your dog works for you without you talking, blowing whistles or yelling.

You hunt and communicate using body language and eye contact.

You understand, trust and follow each other.

A good deer dog is judged on how well it finds deer that we can shoot.

As such our task and goal is to help the dog train itself and to train it to hunt for us, just like our ancestors did and many current top bird dog trainers in the USA and Europe still do today.

  • We don’t teach a dog to smell, but we teach it what smells are important.

  • We don’t teach a dog to range, but we let it work out that ranging and quartering is part of working scent both in the air and on the ground.

  • We don’t teach it to point, but we show it that pointing leads to reward.

  • We don’t teach our dog to chase, but we have to teach it that it does not get a reward.

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