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Fallow deer rut hunts

fallow deer hunting

We find you large trophy fallow bucks

Fallow deer hunting in Australia is common, but finding large trophy fallow bucks is rare.


We specialise in helping fallow deer hunters get a trophy buck without the significant price tag found at small game ranches.

Hunt Fallow deer in South East Australia

The magic of seeing these wonderful deer while you hunt in Australia is something unique to hunting trips in our beautiful part of the south east Australia.

Fallow deer hunting is a growing activity and many hunters travel from overseas to hunt in Australia, with hunting trips usually conducted for multiple species during the one visit.

When to hunt for a trophy fallow buck

The best time to secure a trophy fallow buck in Australia is February to March before the fighting starts to intensify. 

Fallow deer hunting times coincide well with red deer hunting times and both species can be hunted during at same trip.

All few days for the hunt

Fallow deer hunts really need to allow a few days as these deer are very alert and often in large groups, requiring several well planned hunting attempts to win a battle.

big fallow buck trophy
Fallow deer guided hunt
Fallow deer shot by hunter
fallow deer buck on attack
Fallow deer buck with dark coat
Fallow deer shot by hunter

Key Hunting Notes (multiple species can be hunted at this property)

WHEN: February to July

WHERE: We typically depart from Melbourne and head west to the hunting area.

HUNTING METHODS: Glassing from strategic positions, sit and wait/ambush, driving in 4x4 to spot and stalk, stalking through bush.

TYPICAL DAY: Wake up in the dark prior to sunrise for light breakfast, then commence hunting until mid morning. Return to have lunch break at the accommodation. Hunt evening until dark. Of course when you shoot a deer the hunt will change to deer retrieval.


  • Some low level fitness for glassing and sit and wait methods.

  • Medium to high fitness for stalking.

  • Game licence and firearms licence (we will organize for international hunters)

ACCOMMODATION: Hunters house

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