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About the DeerPoint Program

"The program is designed to develop your pointing dogs natural instincts and teach you how to hunt with the dog as a team.

It's a program that any hunter could fit into their life as it is flexible, logical and based on how I trained dogs when I lived in Melbourne with limited free time and infrequent hunting trips.

This program works and will help you love hunting sambar deer more than you ever have before!" Daniel Grixti, your trainer.

If you are getting a pup from Ultimate Hunting Australia

From the moment you pick up your pup the training begins.

My step by step program and videos will show you how to do everything for the first few months and includes two early training days with me.

When the pup is about 7 months old, I'll take it back for about 4 weeks to complete my training camp. I have the experience and access to everything needed and this training camp for your dog will set it up for the rest of its development. We then have a 3rd training day when you pick up your pup.

During the cooler months I'll take you into the bush and show you how I hunt for sambar deer using the dog and how to read its body language to achieve maximum success.

I'll also be there for phone support if you get stuck or need more info.

When you succeed, you make the most of my dogs and that is my ultimate passion and goal!!

Deerdog bow samba.JPG

If you already have a dog and want to train it for deer 

PLEASE NOTE: I have very limited spots available to train dogs that I have not breed. If you want to do my program then you should consider purchasing a dog from me to guarantee my training services.  

Dogs of any age can start the program, but don't delay if you have a pup because the younger they start the less bad habits we will need to untrain. All pups seem amazing, but this will soon be over when they become an independent terrible teenagers (9 months +). Experience has shown me also that simply taking your dog hunting will not work and generally lead to a self hunting dog that chases deer.

DeerPoint program

Personalised training plan and 2 days of  hands on training and hunting (Benalla, Vic) 
Booked Out 2019

DeerPoint program plus

Personalised training plan and 2 days of hands on training (Benalla, Vic) 

5hr one on one follow up day 

Booked Out 2019

DeerPoint program the Ultimate  

Personalised training plan and 2 days of  hands on training (Benalla, Vic) 

2 day one on one hunt for sambar deer with your dog

Booked Out 2019



Send me a message or give me a call on 0459 466 036

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22 inch deer.JPG
deer dog wind scenting
Winning Sambar deer trophy 2015
Winning Sambar deer trophy 2015
hunting sambar deer with pointer
In Australia, a deer dog refers to a dog that helps you find deer, but has no part in catching them. Regulations allow the use of hounds, gun dogs and deer hunting dogs.
We are regularily working with clients hunting sambar deer with German wire haired pointers GWPs, German short haired pointers GSPs Hungarian Vivslas, English pointers and Weimeraners


To get the most out of working with your dog you will need to refine your style and learn how to utilise your dog.

Dogs have great instincts but they must be embraced and controlled at the same time. Not enough or too much training limits your dog's potential to find and indicate deer.

Some deer dog training methods used overseas (e.g. Europe) are not useful for finding sambar deer as they are based more around using the dog after the shot .


We want our dogs to find deer, so we need them to be able to range widely. Some overseas training methods reduce a dogs range greatly to only meters, which reduces the amount of deer that can be found and the area a hunter can cover during a sambar deer hunt.

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