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There's no point hunting like a champion where the deer ain't

Sambar deer outfitter Australia
Sambar Deer Hunting training Course 2 days

It takes many hunters several years to get a Sambar stag!

Just do our sambar deer hunter training course to speed this up!


Sambar deer hunting training course

The time and money spent in the learning years doing the wrong things can be easily avoided and an education course from an experienced sambar hunter will change everything for you.

Your trainer Daniel Grixti is a former Fisheries Scientist and University lecturer, so he is a deer hunting guide who knows how to teach.

The training course focuses on learning by doing and will constantly provide you with choices that will change the likelihood of finding a deer.

Topics covered are:

- Reading terrain from a map and in the bush,

- Linking weather and hunting style

- Finding and interpreting sign

- Making plans and adjusting them

- Deer behavior

- Shot placement, shoot a deer, after the shot

Sambar deer outfitter Australia
Sambar deer hunting Victoria
Winning Sambar deer trophy 2015
Guided samber deer hunting
Guided samber deer hunting

Key Hunting Notes (All Sambar hunted are free range)

WHEN: 2 DAY course, March until December

WHERE: Start at Benalla, Victoria, Australia. The areas we conduct training are a combination of private and public land depending on the time of year and weather conditions. 

HUNTING METHODS: Glassing, ambush, stalking through bush.

TYPICAL DAY: All lessons are taught in the bush and re-hashed at camp. There are a series of lessons to get through each day. You may also choose to skip the deer shooting component of the course and take photos/video instead.

Wake up in the dark prior to sunrise for light breakfast, then commence hunter training until mid morning in the bush. Depending on hunter fitness and hunting scenario, return to have lunch break or carry on with lunch in the bush. Hunt evening until dark. Of course when you shoot a deer the hunt will change to deer retrieval training.

REQUIREMENTS: some fitness to cover bush stalking component.

ACCOMMODATION: Depending on client preference, accommodation is at our lodge, bush huts, camper trailers or bush camps.

COST: 2 Day Hunting course $1,200 AU ($1,000 US) per person. 1 to 4 people (private groups only)


PRICE INCLUDES:  Includes: food, drinks, accommodation, gun usage

NOT INCLUDED: Travel insurances, International licence fees (but we can organize for you).

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