Deer and my pointers

June 6, 2016

 While you can hunt sambar deer without a companion dog, I find it so much more rewarding seeing my trained dog work and help find them.


It can be a lonely place deep in the back country on a sambar hunt and sometimes it’s nice just having a dog around to talk to. My older English pointer Ella, is now 8 so it was time to do some succession planning. Enter ‘Dottie’ the new dog on the block.


Dottie has been accompanying Ella on sambar hunts for the last 3 months and the results have been great. We have shot 4 stags and 2 hinds with her and the lessons learned will be invaluable as she eventually takes the reins.


I have put a few pictures together to showcase the pointer pair, and when you come on a sambar hunt with me the choice is yours whether to take the dog or do it on our own.

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