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Adam Lee - March 24, 2020

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

I can’t recommend Daniel, his pups and his training program highly enough!

I’ve never had a pup to train before, and Daniel’s approach to training made it easy to follow and the additional phone/email support is super helpful when something isn’t going quite right or you’ve started to doubt yourself or the dog.

My pup Archie is primarily a family pet. Some people told me I couldn’t have a hunting dog and a family pet, but Archie is proof that it is possible. He’s so good with my 2 year old and everyone in the family just loves him to bits.

Archie’s 10 months old now and with the cooler weather starting to approach we’ve been on 3 hunts. Each time we’ve found deer, and on all 3 of those hunts I can honestly say Archie proved invaluable. In thick country he alerted me to the deer being there which gave me time to stop and locate them before it was too late. Without Daniel’s training I would’ve missed the signs and Archie probably would’ve just taken off after them. But he didn’t. He held his position and pointed.

On our most recent hunt I finally got the clear shot I’ve been itching to get and Archie got his well deserved reward.

There’s something special about hunting with a pointing dog. To be out there genuinely working as a team and to see deer realise the dog is there and curiously look and then go about their day without a care is a sight to be seen.

Originally I got Archie to be my ears in the bush, because my hearing is rubbish. But he’s become so much more than that to me and my family.

Thanks Daniel. I’ll be back for another pup for sure.

Nick Hand - March 15, 2020

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

I purchased a pup and the training program from Daniel about 7 months ago, the pup is an absolute champ in the bush, a pleasure at home and the training program is easy and fun,

I’m expect big things from this pup over this winter hunting season, stay tuned!!!

Matt Kappa - March 14, 2020

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

What Daniel and his DeerPoint program has provided to me as a hunter and to my family as a pet and fifth member has been incredible.
His dedication and devotion to providing a product is amazing,
Daniel talked me through his whole program which was simple, well planned and well managed, his continued support, training and communication has been second to none. And the only one of its kind I’m aware of.
The complete package of communication before the pups were born to the initial meet greet and selection of your new hunting buddy was great.
The training videos coupled with the training days onsite with real hands on training was a huge bonus.
Our boy Murphy is only 10months and is a huge part of our family with his beautiful family nature but a driven hunter in the bush, clearly seen in his genetics.
Already you’ll find video’s on Daniels FB page as well as other hunting pages of Murphy with a good number of Sambar deer we have successfully hunted together.
Not only has Daniel, with his terrific breeding, provided me with a much loved hunting buddy, but my family with a fifth member.
My whole family truely Thanks Daniel and his dedication to his product and the people he services for a fantastic gift!!

Steve Vella - March 10, 2020

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

very friendly and supportive
if you are looking for a hunting / family companion Ultimate hunting is the place to go

Justin Niemeyer - March 9, 2020

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Absolutely awesome guide was able to consistently get us into bow range.Would highly recommend to anyone and he's a top bloke too. Thanks heaps Dan see ya in a couple of years

Hillbilly Heath - January 28, 2020

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

I was in the market for a deer dog and after a lot of phone calls to different breeders and looking at lots of different breeds of dogs I settled on an English Pointer from Daniel at Ultimate hunting Australia. In part I decided on an English Pointer because of Daniels passion and knowledge about the breed, in part because Daniel shows through his website and online videos just how suitable English Pointers are to hunting Sambar in the Victorian bush and as well as being excellent family dogs, but also because through Daniels Deer Point program as a client you get a truly professional complete and easy to follow training program for both you and your dog. Through the Deer Point program Daniel will not only teach your dog how to hunt he will also teach you how to hunt with your dog.
After purchasing one of Daniels English pointers last year as a pup I have been continually blown away by the quality of Daniels breeding and the top quality deer hunting genetics his dogs posses. The things this dog has achieved in just ten months I never would have thought possible from such a young pup. What I have in such a short amount of time is a dog that is already very comfortable in the bush and a very capable deer hunting machine, I can’t wait to see just what this dog is truly capable of under the continued guidance of Daniel and his Deer Point program.
To say that these dogs hunt deer is an understatement but what has become apparent through out the training program is that these dogs are also amazingly capable bird hunters as well which is an added bonus with Daniels dogs.
If your after a deer dog don’t mess around get yourself and English pointer from Ultimate Hunting Australia and you will have a dog that has the best deer dog hunting genetics available coupled with the best deer dog training program there is and get out there and find more deer then you could ever think possible.
I can’t recommend contacting Daniel enough. Thanks for the awesome dog mate.

Kahn Vincent - July 26, 2019

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Got an English Pointer pup off Dan after struggling a lot with my last dog.
Great dog and top program. Now I’m finding deer nearly every trip . Thanks heaps Daniel

Daniel Johnson - May 15, 2019

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

I Took part in Dans Ultimate hunting pointer program last year. My dog Lola was only 14 weeks old at the time. I learnt many skills and techniques that have been absolutely invaluable to my own, and Lola’s sambar hunting progression. She is now 9 months old and I just recently took her on her first real sambar hunt. Through constant training and Dans techniques Lola successfully found and held solid point on 2 nice sambar hinds. Got a nice shot off on one from ten metres but unfortunately the deer got itself tangled up in some very heavy cover and I was unable to retrieve it.
I have been hunting these deer for about 2 years without barely seeing one, so to say that a well trained deer dog is crucial would be a massive understatement.
Put simply I just wouldn’t have seen the deer on my last hunt if it wasn’t for Lola being there.
Thanks again Dan for the amazing program and ongoing support, cannot thank you enough!!

Selina Ng - March 10, 2019

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Im posting this on behalf of Wayne :o)

First off, let me make this simple! My Ultimate Hunting experience 100% lived up to it's name. My wife and I had a fantastic time with Daniel who is an amazingly knowledgeable and encouraging hunter guide! I went into this having never shot a animal before and he had me up and running, tracking our prey, learning about all the ins and outs of the hunt and finally making my first kill. A truly confronting and exciting experience! By the end of the weekend we had tracked a huge deer that was very smart, fast and had lived it's whole life escaping hunters but under Daniel's guidance we finally created an opportunity to take a shot from about 140 metre's out. Through the cover of bush I managed to hit the mark and the majestic beast dropped to the ground where he was standing. We have a huge amount of delicious meat, a massive set of horns for the wall and the best memories of any holiday ever! Highly recommended!

Geoff White - March 4, 2019

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

On behalf of Dan White -
Dan's passion of hunting is clearly visible from the amount of hard work and persistence he puts in each and every day to ensure success for his clients. 4 days of being guided by Dan felt more like being out hunting with a mate. Dan's knowledge and skills of the game made for a great experience that I will be reminded of by the trophies on the wall. Definitely recommend.

Brett Corderoy - November 17, 2018

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

My son in law and I spent great 4 days with Daniel. He took 2 complete hunting newbies and gave us all the knowledge and practial experience we need to plan our own hunts, helping us understand sambar, their habitat and Daniel's expert in field stalking instruction was so successful for us. We saw many deer, bagged one on our second day , salked in close to a hind in her bed on our third day and got a very rare opportunity to observe up close sambar behaviour. Daniel's ability to locate and spot deer is incredible.A very worthwhile investment for us and saved years of us trying to do this by ourselves without his instruction. I highly recommend Daniel and his business Ultimate Hunting Australia.

Marc Gray - September 11, 2018

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Daniel is the go to man for deer dog training and hunting! Watching Ella and Daniel work together as a team to point out deer that we would of walked by if not for Daniel’s training of his dog and knowledge of how to use his dog to her full potential on a hunt.
Doing Daniel’s 4 day course was the best this I’ve done for my hunting. Learning the theory, gaining the tools to train my dog and finally going hunting and seeing it all put together to put you in a winning situation many times over.

Peter Hawthorne - March 12, 2018

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

I had only hunted small game but was really wanting to experience deer hunting. Daniel not only got me two great deer, he taught me the fundamentals and demonstrated time after time the skill and knowledge it takes to not only get close to deer but to do it without them knowing you are there. Great hunt, great guide, lots of fun and full freezer. Highly recommend

Anthony Laghi - March 11, 2018

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Absolute awesome trip of a lifetime memories I'll remember for my life thank you so much Daniel your hospitatility and guidance was amazing learnt so much couldn't of asked for anything better was amazing till next year

Baki Akgun - March 7, 2018

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Daniel is a great hunting guide with lots of experience and knowledge. Coming from teaching background , he loves to share and teach all about the deer. He is very friendly and a good bloke. If you would like to have an unforgettable hunting experience and learn new things Daniel is the man.

Bronek Kozka - Febuary 26, 2018

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

I've been shooting for a little while now but had never hunted. After doing some research and calling a few different guides I decided to book a shoot in with Daniel Grixti at Ultimate Hunting Australia. We spoke at length on the phone, being a newbi to hunting I had loads of questions, he was not dismissive at all, he was clear and explained things in a clear an straight forward way - this is what I was looking for in a guide and educator and this approach transferred to the field.

He runs a good business, communications, email, meeting points, lists etc. all first class - and followed up with a phone call to check in.

This is probably what you want to hear about the most, it was amazing, the property, the deer and of course Daniel's guiding and for me as new hunter his training. He explained each step, his through process, and his approach - I learned so much in 4 days. We drove, we walked, we tracked, we hid, we waited and we ambushed - it was non stop. His approach is considered and methodical - unrelenting when it needs to be but also no when to move on. The results speak for themselves - 
Day 1 - located some large Red Deer in the morning, watched their moves - then after a full day of scoping other areas we returned to wait in ambush - after a first dodgy shot - my heart was pumping I succeed to down the deer with the follow-up shot - (41 inch 13pt) - and a load of venison for the year ahead! 
Day 2 - was more stalking and checking areas - for me this was a great time to look, learn and practice 'seeing' trying to develop those 'deer eyes'
Day3 - I'd decided I'd really like to try for a fallow. This was the day I (we) worked the hardest, it was hot and after the quality of the Red deer I really wanted to succeed with the fallow. After several sessions stalking, getting close etc. we then found a great looking animal - but it he was not going to make it easy for the newbi hunter. We tracked and followed, had him in my scope 2 twice, had a one total mis shot (rushed it, nerves, heat etc.) finally had him in my crosshairs, breathed, dropped my heart rate, and squeezed the trigger - he dropped.

Even though we were moving fast, the pressure was on Daniel was great, could not ask for a better coach, trainer, educator and guide. I should also say that he is a great bloke too, you're spending 4 days with someone its good to have some you get along with.

So all I can really say is : it's great do it.

Kyle Armour - November 13, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Anyone ever wanting to experience hunting sambar deer then Daniel is the man, top bloke with a ton of knowledge. They're not an easy animal to hunt, but when you have someone teaching you that knows the animals inside and out it makes it a little easier and the hunting more enjoyable. Don't worry about the sitting and waiting, get on to Dan and get on their face and in their face up close. One of the best experiences I've ever had. Thanks again mate

Joe Mallia - October 30, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

After many unsuccessful hunting trips and bumping deer it was clear I wasn’t doing it right. My goal was to become a better deer hunter and to shoot my first Sambar deer, Dan from Ultimate Hunting Australia has exceeded my expectations, not only did I get my first Sambar, I got a second as well and a couple of Fallow deer thrown in for good measure!!


To say I was happy would be an understatement. Dan has equipped me with the skills required to be a proficient hunter through the technique employed by Ultimate Hunting Australia and the ability to replicate it in my chosen hunting area.


Dan’s ability impart that knowledge was excellent always checking to see if I understood every aspect. He was a great host and served up some delicious meals. I saw the course with Ultimate Hunting Australia as an investment into my hunting future and money well spent.

Thanks again Dan and Ella for making it such a memorable trip hope to do it again some time.

Murray Petersen - October 9, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Jax(my GSP pup) and myself just finished up a 4 day hunt with ultimate hunting, to say I was blown away by Daniel's hunting expertise and hospitality would be an understatement! Then throw in his 2 dogs, Ella(the weapon) and young dotty, no samba deer is safe. 

You really need to watch Ella at work to appreciate how good she is! 

I highly recommend any wanting to learn how to hunt samba with a dog to do Daniels course� I've walked away with a mountain of knowledge, both to train my dog and to hunt Samba

Shannon Fazzino - September 22, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

This was an awesome experience, and highly recommend Dan to anyone. You could not get a better bloke, his experience and knowledge is unbelievable, he gave me the skills to put my dog in the right places at the right times to let its natural skills come out. I seen some things some people wait a life time to see and don't. Trip of a lifetime. Thanks again Dan.

Lachie Barr - September 8, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Best description of my dog training course with Daniel was "EPIC"!!!!

His knowledge and amazing dog Ella made an unstoppable team, on countless occasions we were right up close to Sambar. This made shooting my first sambar even more special with my GSP Bowie.

I would recommend this course to any hunter. Daniels training has completely changed the way I hunt deer. Daniel covers all aspects of sambar from maps, thermals, dog training, deers behaviour and much more.

Daniel is an all round top bloke who has an absolute passion for hunting.

Brian Moran - June 26, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Had a great trip with Daniel on his guided sambar dog training course. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to help advance your dog and hunting skills or just wants to go on a guided hunt. He's a very knowledgeable deer hunter and works very hard to get you your desired result and very easy going bloke.

Elliot Ryan - May 10, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

I had never been hunting Sambar deer when I contacted Daniel so I wasn’t exactly sure what I was signing myself up for, all I knew was I wanted a genuine hunting experience.

What I got was that and more, Daniel is a great guy and an absolute pro he had everything organised from the start including some pretty amazing food! He got us within a stone throw of a dozen or more deer and I was lucky enough to get my first Sambar stag

In all it was a great trip and I highly recommend Daniel and Ultimate Hunting Australia to anyone, ill definitely be back!

Simon McBeth - April 12, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Daniels trips are amazing- this guy is the real deal! Seen him take down some massive pigs on our travels together. Get on board- you won't regret it!

Jack McColl - March 29, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

I love deer hunting and Daniel helped me find a great pup to train and use. I then completed a sambar deer hunting with a dog training course to ensure I got the most out of my dog. I now know what to do and how to read the dog and even got it its first kill! Well worth doing this course

Aaron Brett - March 28, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

This man knows deer, I would never have had the chance to collect my PB Sambar stag without the knowledge gained from Dan's hunter education course. Can not recommend enough �

Dallas D'Silva - March 25, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

My third trip with Ultimate Hunting and as with the other two we got straight into the action. Always get lots of close up encounters and some great laughs as well. I'm booked in again for next year.

Cliff Hickson - March 18, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Got a monster red and rusa deer on a trophy hunt with Ultimate Hunting Australia. This was proper fair chase hunting and Daniel does a great job of involving you into the hunt so it does not feel like you are just following him around the whole time.

James Armstrong - March 12, 2017

reviewed Ultimate Hunting Australia - 5.0 of 5 stars

Hunted Sambar deer about 10 times by myself and could not really get a look at one. Learnt heaps and got very close to hinds and stags in my trip with Daniel. Going to get to get me close enough with the bow now.

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