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Get the Ultimate
Deer Dog

Want a deer dog like one of mine? 
I'll breed you a pup,
I'll work with you to train it and, 
I'll take you hunting sambar so you know how to use it.

My English Pointers are the result of 25 years and 4 generations of selective breeding for traits best suited to hunting sambar deer in Australia.

Waiting for the right pup is hard, but any hunting dog training book will say the same thing...


"If you rush and end up with an inferior breed dog,  you will not get quicker success and may in fact never succeed", Daniel Grixti

How it works

STEP 1: Order your pup

There is usually at waiting period for a pup so it is important you plan and book ahead.


To be on the waiting list you simply need to have a chat with me and then pay a fully refundable $200 deposit to be on the list.




STEP 2: Pick your pup

When your pups litter is born, I will contact you within a few days to schedule your pup pick up day. I will also send you out a 'Pre-pup pick up' info pack so that you can start getting everything ready.


STEP 3: 12 months DEERPOINT training program

From the moment you pick up your pup the training begins. The program covers the pups home life, training and how to hunt for sambar.

There are set training events with me at 3, 5 and 8 months.

In between training events you will follow my step by step program use my videos to do everything the way I do it. I will also be there to help over the phone if you need any questions answered.

STEP 4: Hunt day 

I'll take you into the bush and show you how I hunt for sambar deer using the dog. This is essentially a hunter education day and you'll learn things that will make all the difference to developing your dogs.

Deerdog bow samba.JPG

Why I choose

English Pointers

For sambar stalking, the stronger the pointing instincts the better, because it is the pointing behaviour that allows you to see deer before you get too close.


No dog has stronger pointing instincts than the English Pointer.


English pointers have been so effectively bred to find and point game on land that in Field Trail competitions, English Pointers compete separately to other pointing breeds because they are generally superior at this task compared to German Shorthair Pointers, German Wirehair pointers, Hungarian Vizslas and Weimaraners.

The reason English Pointers have become more specialised is because they have always been bred for the one main hunting task. Nearly all of the other pointing breeds were breed to have a more rounded skill set and this was achieved by adding bloodhound among other things to the genetics.


These changes meant the dogs were inclined to ground scent instead of air scent and to chase/catch the game as well as point it.


For the way I use my dogs, the English Pointer has proven to be the easiest to work with when it comes to getting a dog to cover ground quietly, move in slowly and hold point using only airscent.

Banjo on point at 6 months

Why my English Pointers are special

The fact I video and guide using my dogs shows without doubt their hunting genetics are excellent!

While English Pointers are specialist pointing dogs they have been selectively breed by three different groups of people.


The first is show/pet breeding: these breeders select dogs with the perfect look and usually don’t care about the hunting instincts. In many cases this has over generations created dogs with much lower hunting skills.

The second group is field trial competitors: Field trials are competitions to find the most birds, in a large area in a short period of time. These trials encourage very fast, hard running dogs to be breed and these dogs can have far too much drive and run in them for the average stalking deer hunter.

The third group are hunters: These dogs are generally much slower when working than field trial dogs and will stay closer while working. They can hunt all day and are perfect for deer stalking. The challenge for Australian deer hunters is that there are very few English Pointer breeders with this type of proven breeding history.

My breeding program is focused solely on slower moving pointers, with strong sneaking and pointing genes. I also breed for a gentle nature and cooperative dog that naturally wants to hunt with their master.

Ronny with his sambar stag and pointer

Order your

pup now

The best way to get results like I show in my videos is to do everything like I do it.

Get a dog from me, train with me, hunt like me.

If you are interested in my pups and training program please send me a message for more information

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