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Fallow Deer and game callers

Well the word is out, the AJ Productions game caller is a game changer.

I knew this was something special when we had four fallow bucks come into the caller from the one call. Admittedly, two were only spikers, but one was a nice head and the other was representative. For the bow hunter this changes everything, hours of sit and waiting on a scrape sounds less sexy compared to having them running in to you full steam ahead and just hoping that they stop and provide a shot before running over the top of you!

Fellow deer roar hunting Australia

As with most callers, it is largely about reading the play and setting up in a spot where the target game are most likely to come and investigate.

For Fallow deer, that usually means on the spur line of a large gully with lots of nearby scrapes. Can’t wait for the next rut now to really test this caller!

Fellow deer game caller Australia

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