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Coastal fishing at its best.

What was once a small fishing window over winter to catch blue fin tuna, now extends over more than half of the year.

I put this down to significant changes to the international commercial fishery management quotas for blue fin tuna, which have directly resulted in a marked increase in tuna abundances. The increasing influence of the Eastern Australian Current as a result of small ocean temperature increases is also creating more upwelling events and bringing more baitfish to our coast.

This Summer and Autumn saw some of the best mix bag sessions ever, with clients like Kris and Vince catching bluefin tuna, kingfish and Australian salmon in the one school of fish only 3 miles offshore.

Jigging, trolling and casting to the schools resulted in memories and seafood feasts that will be hard to beat. We landed tuna over 30 kg (70 lb) on 5 kg (12 lb) spinning gear and caused many a tiered bicep!

While bottom bouncing for gummy shark after one of the tuna trips, client Grant caught a whopping cuttlefish! A new one for this fishing method.

Bluefin tuna and kingfish fishing Australia

School bluefin tuna

Cuttlefish fishing Australia

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