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 140,000 acres of private hunting land 

Rusa deer are a lesser hunted species in Australia than some other deer but once you have hunted them, you will be hooked!

We hunt rusa deer in South Eastern Australia where the climate is cool during the peak hunting season.

Rusa deer strip velvet from their antlers in May each year and rut in June/July, putting on fierce display.


We tend to focus our hunting at this time to maximize the trophy potential and thrilling hunting conditions.

Rusa deer antlers are very large for their body size and they lay them back along their neck and stare intensely as they look at you when you are busted.

Large numbers of rusa exist in our hunting areas and hunting rusa coincides very well with hunting Chital deer at the same time.

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Rusa deer hunting

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Best Rusa deer trophy with bow
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Key Hunting Notes (multiple species can be hunted at this property)

WHEN: May to July

WHERE: We typically depart from Melbourne and head west to the hunting area.

HUNTING METHODS: Glassing from strategic positions, sit and wait/ambush, driving in 4x4 to spot and stalk, stalking through bush.

TYPICAL DAY: Wake up in the dark prior to sunrise for light breakfast, then commence hunting until mid morning. Return to have lunch break at the accommodation. Hunt evening until dark. Of course when you shoot a deer the hunt will change to deer retrieval.


  • Some low level fitness for glassing and sit and wait methods.

  • Medium to high fitness for stalking.

  • Game licence and firearms licence (we will organize for international hunters)

ACCOMMODATION: Hunters house

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